Friday, June 10, 2011

The hubby has been wanting to make lamb burgers for a while--tonight was his first attempt. Here he is chopping the herbs for his sauce. Place cilantro, mint, garlic, jalepeno, salt, pepper, and olive oil all into the magic bullet, then puree until smooth.
Jim wanted cubed cheese mixed in with the lamb. we used fontina, but in hindsight you can't really taste the distinct flavor of the cheese so you could go with a more budget friendly cheese like mozzerella. For that matter you could use beef instead of lamb.
If cubed cheese in burgers is wrong I dont want to be right.
How do you say delicious in greek?
Wait, is greek a spoken language or just written, or maybe that's latin?
I can't know.
I'm not smart.
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1 comment:

  1. Delicious (technically "tasty") is "νόστιμος" which is pronounced "nostimos". The Vs make N sounds and the U with the front tail is a mu, which makes the M sound. Crazy Greeks...

    And both Greek and Latin are spoken and written languages, though Latin isn't spoken by a particular group of people anymore.

    But yes, they look muy muy νόστιμος. Put that in your pipe and try to pronounce it!