Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tie Onesies

I definately am not claiming that I came up with this idea. I have seen it done everywhere, but since I found out I was having a boy I have wanted to make some of these and just now got around to it. Isn't that how most things go?
I made this one- I have a tie ready to sew on to a T-shirt for Jim so they can match for Father's Day. Don't all men just love hand-crafted gifts? (sarcasm)

Grandma made this one- it came out better than mine. I love it!! Fits him today, but I wouldn't count on tomorrow.

He has really loved the taste of his bottom lip lately!

He looks like he is off to sing in a barber shop quartet.

Good night ladies, we're going to leave you now,

Emmy and Gabe
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  1. Oh em gee!!!! He's just too cute!!!!!!! I love the bow tie one. I definitely want to see a picture with Jim lol.

  2. I think his cuteness just broke my computer. Seriously...Can't Stands Ya!

  3. He's quite a little man! Sings in a barber shop quartet AND travels the world to see the Queen. Amazing! Emily, this is seriously cute. We need to make him another one SOON. He shouldn't be without one that fits.