Monday, September 12, 2011

As any true crafter knows....

crafting isn't an organized sport. My craft room is being turned into a nursery so my crafting is being re-located to a nook in our livingroom. I actually really like my new craft station, but it leaves my supplies vulnerable to the dogs. As you can see they found a few balls of yarn and played tug of war with them while I was in the shower.
I was using this yarn to make yarn wreaths- as my sister knows my favorite craft is wielding a hot glue gun while drinking wine (minus the wine for baby Bigley). I'm not actually talented enough to knit or crochet- I feel like an imposter in the yarn aisle at Michael's.

Not so sure about this one- I got a little carried away, but someone might like it.

 These 2 were made from the tangled yarn, I had just bought it. I wasn't about to throw it away.
Supplies needed: wreath form, yarn, hot glue, various accoutrements, and patience. 

I just finished these sets of "day of the week" hair clips- I love them, also very time consuming though.
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  1. Your wreaths look awesome!!! I actually love the one with the ric rac. I would totally buy it... I have to get crafting NOW!

  2. Sewing machine quit on me again. Can I borrow your sewing machine so I can break it too. At some point my mom will run out of sewing machines for me to break. I'm about to have a nutty.

  3. I like the one with the ric rac too. You should make more. You should also raid Mom's ribbon/lace stash for your wreaths to help her clean it out. She has too much, but don't tell her I said so. :)

    I also like the last wreath picture. I think that's my favorite yarn.

    Gosh, now I have to get back on the crafting wagon.

  4. Okaayyy, YOU! "...don't tell her I said so." You didn't think I would be reading this? I do have too much and I MIGHT be willing to arrange a trade for that Ric Rac Wreath. OOOOO, say that 3 times fast: Ric Rac Wreath, Ric Rac Wreath, Ric Rac ... Not too hard if you leave out the W sound. ;) Emily, you are not a yarn imposter. You should start another blog "Yarn Is Not Just For Knitters and Crocheters." I am so impressed by you girls' talents. Keep it up. Love it!