Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Support your local flea market- no fleas, all fun!

I've been stressing myself out over normaly holiday stuff, but it is all fun. I had the best day Saturday doing some christmas shopping- I can't post all the fun things I got because then you would know what you're getting for Christmas. I did some amazing flea marketing- a dangerous thing for me to do when I'm only supposed to be buying for others.

 Amazing tea towel- $1.50!


Sweet mushroom drawer lining paper- I plan to use this for either the drawers of the changing table once I finish it, or my kitchen drawers.

Don't know exactly how I'll use this- but it was cool and like $1- it will look neat on a shelf in the baby's room

 50 cent record case- cute on both sides. What's a girl to do?
 I love these vintage ornaments- I got a mixture of apples and pears- they are so cute.

I made this apron tonight for my friend's neice- tiniest apron ever, but it came out so adorable- she's like 18 mos old. Not everything is all rosy- we put some drano in the bathroom sink and it ate through the pipes so we had to call an after hours plumber. Good news is he fixed it, bad news is we are $400 poorer than we were earlier today. Big bummer. I can't complain though, I'm so blessed.

Merry Christmas!
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  1. I'd be happy to take that G off your hands if you can't find a place for it!! :) I wish I could find some flea market's up here, I'm sure there are really good ones!