Tuesday, March 27, 2012

its tuesday- let's tea dye

Ok, listen up. Looking for an easy way to make white fabric look vintage? Tea dying is your answer. I learned of this from my mother as I remember her tea dying lace curtains when I was a child- not that I cared then, but it is coming in handy for me now as so many lessons she taught me are.

1. Get whatever kind of tea you want/already have

2. Get whatever fabric you want to dye- I'm doing some onesies that baby Gabe has already outgrown at 6 wks old.

3. Put your tea bags in the sink with enough hot water to fully submerge your fabric. Leave the fabric in the tea until you like the color. Try to keep the fabric relatively flat or you will have a tea tie dye look- unless that's the look you want then go for it.  

 After that I threw them in the dryer to set the color then proceded to wash them which got out any darker spots that had appeared.

Reminds me of the onesies of old (nostalgic sigh)

This is a super green project- upcycled onesies, tea bags from the cabinet, and we drank the tea when we were done- ok not really but I did put the tea bags in the compost!
What will I use these amazing oneies for you might ask- well check my etsy shop soon and you will hopefully see. (I say that but dont hold your breath)

Later gators!
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