Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy Week

Last week was a very busy/inspired week. I made an Etsy sale on Monday which got my week off to a great start- funny how happy $6.50 can make you if it's from the right source.

I even put on Bocephus to take my package to the post office- he's my good luck charm.

I know he has a tear in the boob, it's sad. I would go back for him if the house was burning down, ok maybe not but I love him.
I made these Elmo cake pops for my friend's 2yr old's bday party- they were pretty time consuming but they seemed to make everyone happy so it was worth it.

Found the tutorial on Bakerella, but her's look much better than mine.

I made this headband yesterday- soooo easy!!!!

 Find some lace you like, measure your head to see how much you need- factor in the stretch and length of your ponytail holder, then I attached with hot glue because it is a girl's best friend despite what you may have heard.

You could also stitch it, but that's for the birds.

This lace is not only gorgeous but also has the added benefit of being free from my mom's stash.

Irises from my yard- they got so tall they fell over in the rain so I had to cut them. They smell like licorice! Yum-o!

I  got this precious little necklace at Talula's grand opening this weekend- found it in a $1.50 bin!

Well, it's date night tonight- $1 movies at the Palace!

Until we meet again,

EmPin It


  1. Um hello, I love Bocephus the most. xoxo

    Also I like the font you are using.

  2. If you wear something under Bocephus who cares if there's a hole. Or maybe it's the hole that brings the luck? Holy Bocephus!