Thursday, April 26, 2012

diy make-up organizer- Easy Peasy

I have re-purposed this metal board so many times now- it used to just be a decorative magnet board, then I painted it with chalkboard paint, now it has become a perfect space saving solution for my make-up.

To be fair I think I may have seen this somewhere on pinterest, but I dont know where so I can't credit it- sorry.

The only thing required is a $1 package of peel and stick magnets from Walmart- if your make-up is heavier you may need some additional glue or a heavier magnet.

I hope to hang it up to save a little more space. Plus this was also a great excuse to throw out old make-up I don't ever wear.

Well, gotta go, my dog escaped the backyard- hoping to hit the friends' of the library sale today!!!
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