Friday, May 11, 2012


In honor of mother's day, I'd like to introduce you to my style icon: Patricia (AKA mom)

Just look at this gorgeous dress!

Where are you now dress?

Anyway, many of my favorite clothes are ones that I snagged fom mom's closet. I have catalogued them to share with you:

How sweet is this shirt? The embroidery is slightly scandinavian, and the cut is very flattering as well!

Velvet blazer anyone? I think so! It had a skirt with it that didnt used to fit me, but it might now- must fiind it!!!

This dress is my favorite mom-me-down ever! As we all know wrap dresses are the most figure flattering, plus polka dots, plus gathered sleeves!! It's almost too much! Not to mention the cleavage factor!
Oh how I love these shoes- they are Candies. Unfortunately the leather was old and brittle and after a few years of me wearing them they have given up :(
How about these bad boys?! I dont think she really said I could have them, but she didn't stop me, so...

Here is a fun blog about moms with style!

Moral of the story: my mother is one-hot-momma!

I've been hoping for another shopping trip in her closet soon!

Do you have any mom-me-downs? Please share!Pin It


  1. I want to go shopping in Patty's closet!!! LOL. Seriously. Those are way too cute.

  2. Emmy! I love these pics! So cute!

  3. I think I found something else you'll want in our old closet. I made Mom get it out for you... :)

  4. We need to take that polka dot dress apart and make a pattern. I always loved that dress too.

    1. We do bc it is coming apart at the seams and I need a red one and a pink one and a green one...

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  6. Can you dig those glasses? They were the fashion. I may have been a hot momma, but I was a blind one. When the brown ones wore out, I had a bright blue pair. They were my everyday glasses. I guess I thought blue went with everything. People were kind and didn't laugh out loud. haha