Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Had a great weekend trying to get my kicks on the last few days of maternity leave. Sunday we went to Baker Creek Village for their spring planting festival. It is a pioneer village in Mansfield, MO--way out in the middle of nowhere on a gravel road. We were in a huge line of cars waiting to get in- and it was packed once we got there. There were lots of crafters, musicians, and gardeners. We got one little heirloom tomato plant (granny Cantrell)- I have high hopes for her, it said she could make up to 2 lb tomatoes- here's hoping! 

They have these festivals pretty frequently, so I definately want to go back- bluegrass soothes the soul. I also want to go back on a day that there isn't a festival so that we can look more in the seed store and have lunch in the restaurant- it was way too crowded this weekend.

Went back to work Mon/Tues, but now I'm off again until next Monday! Going part time was such a great decision! I have lots of projects to work on and share the rest of the week, so expect to hear from me again soon!Pin It

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