Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I know father's day was, like, so last week...

I know father's day was like so last week, but I've been working and haven't had time to blog, so now, as promised are the results of the tie onesie and matching t-shirt for dad:

So totally worth it! I think Jim even liked his T-shirt! He did spill coffee on it, so he will probably never wear it again, but oh well. Papa Jeff was sad he didn't get one- he probably thinks I won't remember that for next year, he under-estimates me! Men are so hard to find gifts for, I never forget one that was a hit.

It was such a nice weekend with both sides of our family! So blessed to have so many people to love and who love us!

Summer starts today! Have fun!
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  1. These photos are soo good! The shirts are adorable :)

  2. I agree with Ashley. The pictures are good. Especially LOVE the necktie picture! Two cute faces! What's our next project? xoxox