Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dirt Cheap and Diggin' It!

My collection of children's books is getting out of control these days. I can't stop myself. Some of these latest acquisitions may become crafts (see below), but some will go on the shelf for reading purposes.

invitation and matching envelope

Mighty Mouse card and envelope- available on my Etsy shop for purchase
Don't be too jealous of these 2nd hand boots, I mean they are amazing and I did get them for like no dollars, but just dont hate. Appreciate.

ps I loved them so much I wore them while I mowed the lawn and got them grass-stained. :(

Off to hang with firends I haven't seen in a while, always a treat!!
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  1. I love your new creation!!! And those boots are sweet. however, I would have kept them safe and not let them get grass stained.