Thursday, July 19, 2012

lyric art

Pinterest is causing me to raid my own garage sale pile as I learn new ways to re-purpose things. This one I also saw my bestie do- her's came out super amazingly!
I originally saw this here, but have seen it elsewhere since then.

There isn't a photo of me painting it or peeling it off, but that is what happened, get it? I'm bad at DIYs.

What do you think? It is slightly crooked, but otherwise I love it!

Here are a few tips to make yours better than mine:
1. start out with the right kind of letters that you don't have to cut out
2. Either buy good spray paint or just use craft paint from the get-go. $0.97 spray paint really just doesn't work.  

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  1. Very cool, wanting to do something kinda like this, pinned it but it has slipped my mind right now. I've been trying to keep up with Keith today! Did you paint the glass or the pic? Love it!

    1. I painted the glass on this one, but if you had a canvas you could paint directly on it. I'm not sure the stickers would have come off of this print without tearing it.