Monday, September 10, 2012

diy window treatments

Maybe the easiest/best looking window treatment you could possibly do in an afternoon. These contraptions are known as pelmets or cornices as I learned trying to find photos of them on the internet.
 The only part of this project I did not do myself was the sawing of the plywood and screwing together of the sides- Hubby took care of that for me.
Also I didnt take photos- sorry, I realize step by step photos always make a tutorial easier to follow, but this truly is simple.

Measure your windows- you can make them as wide as you want if you want a more dramatic effect, but the wood needs to be at least the width of your window.

I stretched a thick fleece over them and stapled that on with a staple gun.

Helpful Hubby

cover with padding

staple padding on with staple gun

Cover with fabric and staple that on too!
Over that I stapled on my choice of fabric. Use whatever you want to match your room- since it is a smaller space than a traditional curtain you can go bold with an accent color if you like.

I decided to use burlap for my bathroom- and I plan to stencil on a design at some point- I'll be sure to share that when I get it done!

Here is a pic of what they look like when they are finished as we also used this method for the windows in the nursery.

I love this technique- try it you'll like it too!

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  1. I've been meaning to make these for the living room here since we moved in. Maybe I will now that the weather is cooling down.

  2. I have some pictures of you making the ones for Huck's room. Very cute.

  3. Yea! The link worked this time. Thanks for visiting me and commenting at I'd love it if you linked up some of your great ideas at One Creative Weekend on my site. The party is open Fridays-Wednesdays every week. Hope to see you there!

    Great job on the window treatment!

  4. Snap! Wow, where do you find that thick, blue wood? Did you get that from the lumber yard? Do you have to paint it blue first? I think I have some wood like that. Used to be a teeter totter I got from a school auction. I bet that would work great. Feel free to link up to my blog @ You may like my unordinary life. Thanks for all your great ideas. I can't wait to see what comes next.

  5. This is DIY at its best. If you have got the know-how, then making your own window treatments is a nice project. Aside from cornices, draperies are easy to make as well. And like what Emily said, be careful with your measurements. Poorly installed treatments can ruin light control, and at the same time, its aesthetic purpose will be defeated.