Monday, October 22, 2012

late post- 2 weekends ago

Last weekend was so beautiful and fun! Our little family went to a craft/antique show held locally on the 2nd saturday of each month. It is 2 places: Pheona's and the Vintage Cottage. I had never been before, and I loved it. I think I found my dream!

I forgot my camera like a dufus, so these were taken with a cell phone.

All such cute stuff and I'm going to sell at the vintage cottage next month for their holiday open house- Nov 9-10, mark your calendars!

We spent a lot of our weekend at the farm, it was beautiful- the trees are changing so much. We took the baby out for his first cow wrangling trip accross the field, and he got to go to his first cattle sale!
I loved my outfit that day! Layering thick socks in boots is so much fun. The Taylor Swift comments are starting up again since I went back blonde.
Huck loves being outside at the farm!

All our hearts are lighter as my dad gets better everyday! He is predicted to be able to come home possibly later this week! There will still be challenges as we go but his progress is nothing less than a miracle!Pin It


  1. How fun! We dont have very many antique places in my town. so jealous!

  2. that looks like so much fun! and I love your fall look, I need to get some new boots and cozy socks too!

  3. You can give me that mustard sweater. Please.

    And I HOPE I can "meet" you at your little set up that weekend! I'm excited for you!