Monday, November 26, 2012

felt trees

Aren't these little beauties so precious?! My bestie and I worked on a few of these the other day. These were made in the spirit of vintage felt Christmas ornaments. Choose a color pallete you like. I love pink trees with gold ornaments, and blue and silver is a great combo too. I can't wait to make some white trees!

At first I used a more traditional Christmas tree shape, but for simplicity's sake I switched to a plain triangle.

Hand stitch on sequins, run a whip stitch around the edge leaving room to stuff, stuff, then finish the edge. You could machine stitch these as well, just depends on the look you want. I attached a loop at the top for hanging.

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Happy decorating!

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  1. Oh I love the pink ones. So pretty! Thanks for linking up at my Pin Me Linky Party. I hope you come visit & link again. The party starts tomorrow at 8am CST.