Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I got a nice surprise this morning:
A smashing pumpkin latte from my friend Shannon to thank me for babysitting their daughter-
"Thankful that you are in our lives, Appreciate you watching Nora for us."
So in the same spirit here is my Thanksgiving top ten:

1. My dad being able to come home from the hospital/nursing home
2. My mom- the patience she exhibits in being a wife and the lessons I'm learning from that
3. A hard working, fun, trustworthy husband
4. the sweetest child a mom could ask for
5. Being able to quit my job to stay at home
6. My sister finding her niche in Boston
7. A big family full of in-laws
8. My best friend finding a worthy partner
9. God's generosity
10. baby swings ;)

Hoping this day finds you feeling thankful!

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  1. Love this! So sweet.

    I am thankful you linked up to Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop and I got to see the nice post. :)

    Your Newest Follower

  2. Baby swings....seriously high up there! When my first started having colic at about three weeks we went out late at night and bought ours. Best $80 ever spent! Not all our kids needed them, but that one sure helped the stress level in our house! :)

    Thanks for sharing.