Monday, January 14, 2013

budoir shots

Got some new bedroom decor while thrifting over the weekend. Notably these pillow cases and the heart doily. I like to rearrange or add new things to this gallery wall every few weeks.

 This doily with my last name on it was given to me as a wedding gift.

Jim didn't even complain about the pillow cases. I thought he would either complain that they were used or complain that they were so girly. That Jim, he's a good guy.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Emmy. Looks like you had a successful thrifting trip! Thrift shopping is the best!

  2. I like the new decor! I really want to redecorate my room with a thrifty or vintage feel!


  3. I like it the more you add to it. It looks really good! I wish I had a doily with my last name!