Monday, February 18, 2013

randomness from the weekend

yes, that is an onion. yes, I am the kind of mother that allows my child to do unadvised things so I can take a picture if I think it's funny. Of course today he ate a piece of gravel, but not because I was trying to take a picture, just because he is a fast little bugger. Notice the red watery eyes-- too funny, he liked it! Man did he stink!
Three belted ladies! Looking foxy fresh! Beautiful reception!
We had some gorgeous weather this weekend, 62 on Sunday! Had to bust out the shades!
We missed cousin Rory's bday party but ran over to give her the baby doll I made for her, they both have red hair!
Oh Monday, how I don't love you!

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you, I don't have many occasions to wear it, but I like it too!

  2. Love this - I could easily see myself letting my daughter suck on an onion like that too, but hey, why not?!? Just found your blog from the monday hop - look forward to reading more!

    1. glad to have you! I figure he would sto peating it if it was bothering him- he chewed that thing up!