Saturday, February 23, 2013

Studio Tour

Today you are the lucky recipient of a tour of my art studio. 
I cleaned it last week so it is a good time to take pictures and share.
 My sewing machine was a Christmas gift from my mom after I wore her 1970's model Singer into its grave. I have been putting it to good use- and it doesn't make me swear nearly as often as the Singer did.

 I just received this spool holder last weekend. It belonged to my grandma Glo. I needed one badly, and it is very special to me to have her's.
I turned this painting into a pin board- it isn't a stretched canvas it's some sort of compressed board so it works well. I hung my display of spice tin magnets to get it out of my way- plus it's cute.
 I covered some formula and oatmeal canisters with paper to store ribbons and scraps of this and that that were spilling out all over the place. Yay for some small semblance of organization.

I mean to cover this cardboard cup box I saved too but for now while it is ugly it works great as a file holder. These books are spending their last days together before they get the ax. Actually some of them already passed and are just covers sitting there waiting for me to think of something to do with them. (in case you are just tuning in- I cut up book pages for crafts)
Ok, you got me- there's no studio, it's a 5 foot nook in my living room. 

What is strange is that I use this tiny space so much more than when I had a whole room at my disposal. Oh well, you work with what you have, right?! And yes, this is what it looks like when it's clean, you don't want to see the before pictures. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Maybe the reason I swear so much when I am sewing is because MY sewing machine is so old?! (It's my mom's from the 50/60's) I have yet to run it into the ground although we all know I have tried. I have a pile of sewing staring at me right now, and Keith keeps encouraging me to sew some more curtains. Did I mention is causes me to swear? When Ashley and I hire a full time handyperson to do all of our projects you want to go in? Loved the doll you made Rory - perfect!

    1. You should only sew if you enjoy it- but maybe a new sewing machine would help with that. I just know with that old machine something went wrong every time I used it, which is very stressful! I'm glad you liked the doll!

  2. I am amazed with the amount of work that comes out of that studio. It IS a studio. Any work space is a studio. I would love my studio (spare bedroom, junk room, don't-know-where-it-goes-put-it-here room) to be as clean as yours. Wanna tackle mine? I thought not. haha Now with the old desktop computer in working order, I will be getting more designs out of it and sewing more. That's the plan anyway.

    1. I'll clean yours for a small fee- perhaps some free supplies/fabric??? You better get to cranking out some embroidered stuff!

  3. thats a cute little space i love your spice magnets.