Thursday, December 5, 2013

Floral Sheets

I have been hoarding floral sheets lately- mostly vintage but some just pretty. At first I was just buying them for fabric but then I've been starting to want to use them. Actually all of my bedding is "pre-owned". 

Recently I was going to look for a coffee pot at the thrift store and my hubby asked me not to because he thought it was gross to buy a used coffee pot, to which I said "you do realize that all of our bedding is used, right?" I relented though and bought a coffee pot from the store- marriage is all about compromises people. 

I had the great idea for this particularly gorgeous twin size sheet to use it to make a pillow case for my body pillow so that it can remain a beautiful part of my bedding rather than being shoved in my closet because it is ugly. 

Turned out great, don't you think?!


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  1. I hoard vintage pillow cases too! They remind me of my grandma, my childhood. Good stuff.

  2. Beautiful bed! So he draws the line at a coffee pot huh?