Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello, Old Friend!

This post is a major catch-up-post as so much has been happening lately that I haven't shared. These photos aren't in any sort of chronological order. 
I dug out the fisher price little people barn at my parent's house the other day- toys like these make me excited to play!
Turns out Huck has the harmonica gene passed down from his great grandpa Huck.
My sister and I went to Casper's for lunch the other day- which I have always wanted to go to but they are only open part of the year and only for a few hours a day and it's really small so if you get there late there's nowhere to sit. it was really fun and kitschy in there and I'd love to go again. And I allowed Huck to sit on the table long enough to get a pic and then made him get down. I'm a great mother ;)
I got a new nephew for Christmas! He's amazing and adorable! 
Bubby likes to talk about "ba-by Gunnah" (Gunner), it's precious!
I made this bear blanket for Huck for Christmas and am so happy with the result, I think he likes it too!
I guess everyone in the house likes it for that matter!
I did a little craft show in the middle of December. Unfortunately there was a blizzard the night before, as there so often has been this winter, so not many ppl came, however, my set up looked great and I met a new crafty friend and made some good trades, so all in all it was a good day!
I had a sweet helper for a little bit. 

I babysat Nora a few times when her daycare was closed because of weather. How cute are they? Do you see her rocking that moose? And him reading to her? oh man! Hurts my uterus!
Huck loves "Doe-he" (Dorothy)
Christmas card photo shoot

Ok, that's it for the photos. Time to talk about new year's resolutions. I only have one official one although I'm sure there are several things I will work on throughout the year. 

My resolution is to make a point to live life, as in have differing experiences throughout the year so I can look back at my year and say "I did _______ and ________ and went here and did that." We tend to be home-bodies, and I'm ok with that (good thing or I'd be a miserable stay at home mom) but I don't want that or financial worries or laziness or inconvenience to stop me from experiencing life. 

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, but I'm feeling inspired and ready to tackle the year, and I wish you the same inspiration and joy!


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  1. Your set up was cute! I want that scarf Huck is wearing. And I also want to try Caspers!

  2. Why is today supposed to be the most depressing day of the year?