Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2nd Birthday Monster Truck Party

I had such a great time throwing this party for my little man! 
My bestie kept him overnight so that Hubby and I could get our monster truck on without him trying to tear into everything early. 
 The highlights of the decor are the monster trucks that are acting as weights for the balloons, and also doubling as favors for the kiddos, and also the Huck Two license plate which was my grandpa's. 
 We had lime sherbet punch AKA antifreeze
 and tea AKA gasoline
 And I could not have been happier with the monster truck cake! Easiest, most fun cake I've ever done!
My muddy tires are marshmallow cookies sitting on a bed of chocolate pudding and Oreo crumbs. They didn't look as great as I hoped they would, but there weren't any left so it must not have mattered. Come to think of it I didn't even get one.

My favorite feature was this monster truck photo booth that Jim created for us. I think everyone had a good time with it. I did anyway! (and let's be honest, that's what matters)

My only wish is that we had a bigger house so more of our friends and family could have come. Maybe next year, fingers crossed!


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  1. What a cool and fun theme! I love the cake and how you made everything relate to something in the monster trucks :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  2. Turned out great!! Save that photo booth! I may need it in a year or two for Calloway ;)

  3. I was just thinking, "Emily needs to do another blog post..." and lo, there it was -- and it even had high-speed booger picking!

  4. Love the antifreeze and gasoline drinks! HA! And do you play piano?????

  5. Looks like the party was really enjoyable. The decorations seem wonderful and it’s nice to see everyone having fun at the photo booth. My daughter is also turning 2 in a few days and we are arranging a lovely party to celebrate the occasion at one of the amazing venues in Chicago.