Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mod podge is your friend

Our art teacher in elementary school used to always tell us not to let Elmer be our boss- meaning not to use too much Elmer's glue. But when it comes to decoupage this rule doesn't apply.
  I got this dresser for like $15 and transformed it into a thing of beauty (that my husband wont let me have in our house) with nothing more than some scrap booking paper, a foam brush, and mod podge- it took a while but it was so much fun and way worth it. Maybe someday I'll be allowed to use it again!

Using family photos in your decoupage makes it a personalized item you can pass down for generations. This is a beautiful picture of my grandmother! Miss her!

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  1. I like that my creepy face is in more than one pic here. Also so proud of you that you have pictures from back then. I need to come steal some... I'm bad at keeping things like that. Love you baby!