Sunday, June 5, 2011

bye bye spring

It technically isn't summer yet, but after about a week of 90 degree weather I'm starting to miss spring. My irises are dried up and gone, which I guess makes room for summer flowers, but it's still sad. They smelled so good--like licorice.

Aaaahhh.... dewy mornings, now the dew has turned to humidity, not quite as pleasant.
I don't know what these are- if you know please fill me in. They were growing when we moved in. They're very pretty and they smell good, but they dont bloom for very long.

Wouldn't it be nice if things would bloom all year? OR- perhaps its the anticipation of what's soon to bloom that makes it so thrilling. I'm constantly going around to check the progress of all my plantings to see what's sprouting. Although these things are gone my azaleas are blooming, crepe myrtles and hydrangeas have leaves, and my dahlias are about 6" tall.
Yep, well I guess I just answered my own question.
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