Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Animals with Casts

I ran across this book on Modcloth (http://www.modcloth.com/storefront/products/search/category/all-categories/keyword/dogs-in-casts-book/price/all-prices?fs=true)- an amazing website you need to check out if you havent already. The person who wrote this must have a sick sense of humor, but then again since I think its funny I must have one too.
This is our dog Dorothy, she broke her leg we think in a fight with another dog- we didn't see it but that is our guess.
This is the same incident, she just had to have it re-wrapped. Dont want you to think I'm a bad mother.

Poor thing, she hobbled along like a pirate with a peg leg.

This is my poor baby Vernie- she kept getting hematomas in her ears. After they drained it they put this wrap/cast thing on it. She looked so silly, you could tell she was embarassed.
I don't know why this is so funny, it just is.
Well..... It is my day off. My bestie and I are going to do some flea marketing/curtain making. First things first: coffee.
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  1. JEALOUS of your day off! And yes, you are sick...but I like it too...so...