Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm a bad blogger, particularly lately as I have a severe lack of motivation. However somewhere deep down I have scrounged together the drive to post something today...
This will be a summary of things, so dont expect it to make sense.

First- this is the purse I made at craft night like 2 mos ago or something. It is reversible, and I have been using it every day since it's creation, and I need to make another one.

2nd- This is the mocktail of the month: Blackberry faux-jitos
Now, I believe I came up with this name myself, but that doesn't mean I really did, so cut me some slack if you have heard this before.
 Basic ingredients: blacberries, limes, and mint. Next step: pick your poison, sugar or artificial sweetener. I went with artificial sweetner in the form of diet sprite, but you can use any lemon lime soda of your choosing. Muddle your mint and backberries in the bottom of your glass, squeeze in some lime juice, and top with ice and soda.
This is the finished product. If you would like exact measurements for this I could give them to you but they'd be completely made-up becasue I didn't measure. I recommend making it in a pitcher to share.

This next nasty picture is the BLT potato salad I made for father's day that I promised I would give you the recipe to, however now that you see the finished product you probably don't want it anymore. I would encourage you to go against your better judgement and make it anyway because I promise it was good. I just didn't have time to take a good photo of it.
I boiled a pot of peeled potatoes (again, I don't measure things), cooked 1lb of bacon (you dont have to use the whole lb, in fact you probably shouldn't, but I did), and chop up a few tomatoes to your liking. These are the basics to the salad, then the dressing is mayo blended in the food processor with fresh basil- I used one of the packets from the store (because my basil in my garden is still tiny---grrrr), but I think that 2 packets might have made it even more flavorful. Then salt and pepper to taste---so good!!!

In my opinion fresh produce is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It might be the wide span of colors, or the thought of how they taste, but I love to look at pictures of fuits and veggies. These next photos are from our recent trip to Redondo Beach, CA. First day we went to the farmer's market and had delicious fruit for the rest of the trip- we just cant make strawberries taste that way in MO, so sad.

OK, that about catches me up. I hope to get back on the crafting-wagon soon, I wonder if there's some sort of meeting I can go to, I need a sponsor. Wish me luck.
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  2. This post cracked me up for some reason -- I giggled the whole way through it. :)

    "If you would like exact measurements for this I could give them to you but they'd be completely made-up because I didn't measure."

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  4. Emily, I'll be your sponsor. Let me give you an example to get you started: "Hi, my name is Josephine Hedgepeth. I AM A CRAFT/SEW-O-HOLIC." "Hi, Josephine Hedgepeth." Okay, try it... "Hi, my name is Emily..." You are on your way to healing, taking the first step of admitting you need help.
    GREAT pictures! You are right. The vege & fruit pictures are beautiful. Your camera takes great pictures. I think MO has good strawberries, but they need to be homegrown. Mmm

  5. Oh boy, Emily. You already have 4 posts, 5 if you count this one. However 4 of them are from me and 2 of those 4 have been deleted. I'm a mess. I had to start over. I need help. I need a sponsor. haha