Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life Lesson Learned: Listen to your Mother

Rewind to 12 days ago- my husband and I had hired someone to remodel our bathroom. He promised 4 days, maybe some finish work on the 5th day. We needed new walls, new floors, new tub/shower, the works. In telling my mom this she asked all these annoying questions like, "Is he insured?" "Is he licenced?" "Do you have a contract?"
I chose to ignore these questions, because I didn't want to make it so complicated, I just wanted to work done. I mean surely no one would agree to remodel a bathroom if the didn't know how, right? WRONG.

Everyday for this past 12 days I have come home after work only to get more and more angry at the amount of work this guy has done- keep in mind we have no toilet as our house only has one bathroom- and being toilet less wares on a girl.
Finally on day 10 when we came home to see this we had to do something.
Notice anything strange? He put the spout/faucet where the overflow drain is supposed to be: inside the tub! if we filled the tub up the faucet would be underwater. I should also mention that my husband cut (punched) a hole in the wall to look at the plumbing to see if there was anyway to fix this situation just to happily find that the pipes were leaking--- a lot!

 This is the wall up toward the ceiling. he just left big globs of sheet rock mud and didn't bother to smooth them out.
 This is my favorite: the tile up next to the tub. Hasn't even been grouted yet- that is how he left the mortar that was under it all globbed up and smooshed out. And look how he cut those tiles- it looks like a kindergarten art project. Keep in mind the tiles are on a 12x12 mesh sheet so that's why the inner ones look good, he didn't have to space them. The ones next to the tub he spaced himself.
Once again another example of excellent tile work. Just look at that corner.
Anyway long story short, we paid a guy to ruin  our bathroom and now my husband and his saint of a friend are tearing it all out and re-doing it.
The moral of this story is A: thoroughly research people before you let them into your house to ruin your stuff. Don't be naive like me and assume that just because you would work hard to keep up your end of a deal and would be embarrassed if you did sub-par work (sub-par seems like too nice of a term for what he did, but this is a PG post) that other people have your same morals/work ethic.
And B: like I said before, listen to your mother, because pretty much no matter how old you get she is still older (and therefore knows more) :)
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  1. AWE MAN! :( TURD! (Is turd PG?)

    Let me know if I can help with anything. I mean ANYTHING.

  2. I'm so sorry, Emily. I'm sitting here about to cry, feeling so bad for you. No wonder I haven't heard from you in a few days. And you're right, you can't expect other people's standards to be the same as your own. I love you. Can we help?

  3. omg!! That is sooooOOO not fun!! On the upside can't wait to see pictures of Jim's handy work. Hope everything is going ok! :) miss you guys