Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring's come early

This spring has started out beautifully truly before it even was spring, but now that it's official it is time to get out and enjoy it. With that in mind I've started some gardening, decorating, crafts, etc, so here is a summary of my recent endeavors.
I love it when the trees start blooming! I made this bouquet from peach tree branches

Working on a few projects- decoupaged light switch covers

I got this pail at a swap meet over the weekend for a dollar-
will drilled a few holes in it and I planted flowers in it to
 put by the front door- hello curb appeal!

I totally wiped out right in front of my house- slipped on some wet dirt and landed in a bush

Tiny peony plant- never makes it far but I found
 it and blocked it off
 with some rocks so we dont step on it/mow it

Containers for lettuce and cabbage- among other things once it is time! Inspired by ashley I checked my compost bin and was excited to find that it had actually turned into dirt despite the fact that I never tended to it at all.
Dont you think my stupid old ugly mailbox
 needs to be painted- red? I think so.

These are the seeds I planted today- cabbage, lettuce, and flowers

Got this birdhouse for $2 last week-
bees will probably make it into a nice home, but its cute

my aprons missed me during my pregnancy- I missed them too

oh, how did that picture get in here????
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  1. VERY nice job on your latest posts, especially the last two. I wanna run out and tear up the yard. I will wait a couple of days, until the rain lets up. I have Friday off. I'm hoping my zeal will last and I'll be extra zealish on Friday. Who's the baby?

  2. Again, us apartment dwellers will work for food... AND I promise to stay out of your bushes. Not sure I can commit to staying out of the peonies though.