Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hello Hyperlink!

Maternity leave has left me doing a lot more internet surfing lately which has led to the discovery of a few awesome links.

As first and foremost a farmer's daughter and secondly as a dietitian I have always been interested in gardens and farmer's markets. I love the concept of farm to table dinners- basically going to a farm where a meal is prepared for you by all local artisans that farm their own meats and produce, make their own cheeses and brew their own beer/wines. The ability to create a whole meal from locally produced foods is so far from where our food culture is today.

Check out this website- Outstanding in the Field- They will be touring near us this fall, I would love to go to one!

The plaid barn is a site I ran accross that is like groupon but for craft supplies therefor rendering it way better than groupon! is a cross between etsy and ebay with hourly auctions on handmade goods, craft supplies, etc. Pretty amazing! is basically a jelly of the month club for handmade goods.......Wish this had been my idea.Pin It

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  1. We could make our refried bean pops from locally grown organic beans!