Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh Baby!

I'm loving the Children's Orchard resale kids clothes store in town! I got this precious cowboy jumper for $1 before the baby was born. You really need to sign up for their emails if you want to know about their sales- which is when you get the real deals!
This jumper was one of my favorite things I had found for the baby and I put it on him the other day and it was already too small- gave him a wedgie! I decided to cut off the legs and make it a western shirt. I did not hem this with any true seamstress skill- it needs to tured under again, and i tried to make it come up a little on the sides- see?

He loves it, and these jeans were a dollar too...

ps: I took some things to good girl art gallery today to sell, she said she would try to have them out for art walk tomorrow night! Oh and my Etsy shop is looking rather fab as of late so check it out- trying to add new things daily- spread the news please and thank you!

There needs to be a new punctuation that means exclamation point- I over use the exclamations!!!!!


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