Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sick days

Today is day 3 of what I think might be the flu...

I don't feel like a very good mommy when I'm just praying that Huck will sleep all day and night so I can do the same, which is what I did yesterday, with a few bouts of wakefullness in which we both ate and pooped- I have officially reverted to being a baby.

Feeling slightly better today though, so I need to do something inspiring to get me going. Started with coffee, hoping the caffeine will counteract the Nyquil I took last night- maybe someone should check on me if you haven't heard from me in a few days...

Before anything can be done my body and my house need to be cleaned. The maid never shows up anymore.
I decided this was my new cleaning-day outfit, although I didnt really get a good picture of it. Jim thought I was a freak when I came out of the bedroom wearing it. He said I looked like a jail bird or Rosie the Riveter- which technically is kinda the look I was going for. Granted this is one of his old work shirts and I wasnt wearing any pants, so he had a point.

Well, I hope you are all well and having inspired days!

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  1. Neat scarf! And I'm glad you're both pooping regularly.

  2. I think you look like Rosie too, and you are darling! You need a snood. Pants are important if you intend to go out of the house, living in the city and all. I can go without pants, living way out in the country, but still I have been caught sans pants. "Hershel, I think Patte is in her underpants!" Really! Honest! I had just come inside from feeding calves and doing chores. My work clothes had unspeakable things on them and I had to get dinner started. They should have called first or not be surprised. So nowhere is truly safe.

  3. Just thought - you should have called me. I could have stayed with Huck while you slept.

  4. I love the scarf!!!! I want!!