Wednesday, July 11, 2012

favorite mommy moment #761

When the baby is sleepy and letting you rock him and read to him and he plays with your nose and lips while you read. So sweet!

P.S. Taking a poll- does everyone like the font I use or should I change it to something easier to read?

P.p.s. Signed up for skype today- before you know it I'll be tweeting.

Hope everyone's Wednesday is peachy!
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  1. I don't mind the font. It can be tricky from time to time but for the most part it's fine.

    Also, I have had skype for years and only used it a few times but never once have I tweeted...I don't see the point in telling people what you are doing every second of the day.

  2. I really like the font, but it is kinda hard to read... maybe only use it for the post title?

  3. thanks for the input chicas!

  4. I agree with Jamie. And we are SOOOOOOO gonna Skype! I just found out that twitter is an effective way to complain about the way companies that provide you with services (internet, cable, etc.) -- I'm gonna try it!! AT&T sucks!

  5. I like the font, except when you need to use all caps. That's when it's hard for me to read, but I'm blind anyway.

    Emily, I love reading your feelings about being a mommy. I remember those times so well.

    I'm ready for another song. Maybe reading while he's playing with your face. Awhh!

  6. I love the font, but I am a font addict. Totally ditto with the mommy love. Wish it never had to end!! Gorgeous hair on the next post!!