Thursday, July 5, 2012

organizing- I'm an expert!

Anyone that knows me knows that this is sarcasm, but here are a few projects going on at my house-
I framed some pictures for Jim for father's day. I like the way they look on the wall in the livingroom.

This bookshelf was originally a honey oak color and I painted it and covered the back with fabric, but now I am bored with it again and need to do something different. For now I moved it into the kitchen, but it needs to be re-done. Any ideas?

This is where all the books from the book shelf ended up. Re-organizing a bookshelf
 is almost as fun as re-arranging furniture!

I think the secret to a good looking bookshelf is stacking the books a few different ways- some vertical, some horizontal- some spines out, some covers out, and adding in a few other items for visual interest- like frames and your obligatory owl.
I decided we needed a table to put our keys and phones on so they don't get lost my purse,
or as Jim would call it- the black hole. I think my owl pot needs an aloe plant.

The exciting part about this little table is the old book cover used to hide our router and wires- idea I got off pinterest.  Should I go and search for it to give the original link credit? Probably. Am I going to? No.

Totally genius.
This table came from beside the bed. Sometimes just moving around things you already have can keep you from feeling like you need to buy something new. Of course now we don't have a bed-side table... I haven't ironed out all the details yet.Pin It


  1. Excellent styling!! Looking good!

  2. I saw that book thing-y too. So fun. I am a pintersting fool these days.

    I hope Bubs is ok!

    Love you!

    p.s. LOVE those little girl clothes...

  3. Okay, Emily. When I get my act together . . .

  4. Finally I know what to do with my obligatory owl!!