Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Campers

Last weekend our little family packed up and took off to spend the weekend with Jim's big family at the lake for a little camp trip. We hadn't been camping in a few years so we were super excited. Jim even took Friday off work so we could enjoy the day and not rush. I had never been camping with Jim's family, which as much as they like outdoor things- fishing/hunting, etc- seems like a travasty.

The weekend before was father's day and at lunch I was telling my FIL that Jim and I wanted to get a camper (even though we dont have a truck to pull it) and how you can find them pretty inexpensively on Craig's list and the like. He started searching and got quite excited about what he was finding and started calling about them right then.

Jim's mom and I were going ga-ga over the camper re-models we had seen on Pinterest and we had visions of glory for the potential camper-to-be. They found a 1960 model that needs some work- but I know it will be adorable when it is finished- it has a princess pink oven that I didn't get a picture of- bummer.

 The weekend was filled with fishing and swimming and camp fire sitting- despite the 90 degree weather- and lots of eating! We had the obligatory s'mores and weenies followed by omelets and fried potatoes the next morning, more weenies, ham and beans, more s'mores, and finally biscuits and gravy, bacon, eggs, and pancakes with homemade blackberry syrup! Delish!

You may think that one shouldn't take a 4 1/2 month old baby camping, and maybe one shouldn't, but I think it was fine- kept him covered in sun screen, and in the shade, and he slept really well in his play pen in the tent! We did use the camper to take a nap in the air conditioning- which we both enjoyed! Breast-fed baby's are actually quite self- sufficient, ok maybe that's not the word for it, but there are no bottles to wash, heat up, or store. If only all of our meals could be so easy!

1960 camper- My MIL plans to gut it and refurbish it. It will be amazing. She found an online club called "bitches with hitches" which she thought was super funny and wants to join. All she needs now is a lawn flamingo!

Jim and his sister like to make ugly faces into the camera

The baby was all ready to go swimming in his elephant trunks, but he never got to. I was worried about his alabaster skin in the 98 degree heat/sun.

He did get to take a bath outside though! He seemed to like it better than any other bath he has had so far.

Granny, aunt Hanny, and Bubba Dave- can't call him baby David anymore- "I'm not a baby!"

Aunt Lishes
All in all it was a very fun weekend- hope we do it again soon so all of Jim's brother's can come! I do secretly hope that we wait until the weather cools off though! Don't need Jim sweating into his beans again!Pin It


  1. The baby does look rather extra excited to be taking a bath outside. What a face! The whole naked thing... Hmmm, wonder where he got that gene???

  2. I think the word is "portable" not "self-sufficient". Looks like so much fun!! I want a camper!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! Derek and I have dreams of a retro cool camper one day, that stove sounds presh!

  4. WOW! What a fun family-in-law! Might as well get him started young!