Sunday, August 5, 2012


My dear friend from Surpassing Rubies nominated me for this blogger award! Which OBVIOUSLY I deserve because of my dedicated and riveting daily blogging about noteworthy topics.

Per blog award instructions here are some facts about me:

1. I prefer paying in exact change whenever possible- people in line behind me LOVE it!
2. I love to throw things away (If I get to burn them it is a bonus)
3. I have a brown thumb (I kill all plants)
4. I always thought it was crazy to have lots of kids but now that I have one I need a baker's dozen!
5. My foot is a size 9- if you have any hand-me down shoes that are cute I'll take them!

Ok, well those are all the REALLY important things you need to know about me, the rest is just details. Now to pass on blog love:

The rules I made for this award are that I am to nominate my mom and sister because I love them.

My sister is a very talented writer and I love to read her thoughts on life! not just one in a million
My mom is a gifted quilter and blogger of randomness! the huckelberry patch

Check them out!

As they say in the old country- Cheerio!
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  1. You always make me laugh friend! Next time I'm in MO we need to hang out again cause I just didn't get enough!!

    1. Agreed. Our last hang out was, well, not great.

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