Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Coffee DIY

I was lamenting to my mother that I didn't buy the pumpkin coffee grounds at Dunkin Donuts because I didn't want to pay $8 for a small bag of coffee. 

Apparently my mother has been keeping a secret and has never shared it with me:
Spices in your coffee grounds!

Like duh!

So to make a full pot of coffee I put 2 Tbs of pumpkin pie spice in my coffee grounds (I added a little extra cinnamon and nutmeg too).

Doing this means you can have pumpkin coffe without using any processed creamers. I add half and half and sugar- voila! Pumpkin spice coffee!


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  1. Well, if I had known I was holding out on you, I would have held out even longer. "you would." I hope I haven't stunted your development too much.

  2. I feel betrayed! My whole childhood is in tatters! Who am I? What does this life mean?

  3. What a novel idea! I swear, our moms are so much smarter than we ever gave them credit for! I was ready to spend about four bucks on some pumpkin coffee creamer yesterday but couldn't find any so now I can just dig in my spice rack!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Visiting from HOH!

  4. Is that your mom's hands?? I saw them and I thought gosh! Emily's hands look so similiar to Aunt Patte's. So? And I didn't even know there was such a thing as "pumpkin pie spice"!!! So you've ALL been holding out on me! (or is this some family thing you make?)

    1. yeah, it's a store bought spice blend. And yes they are mom's hands- she was over for coffee this morning.

  5. So you add it to the grounds BEFORE brewing???

    1. Sooooo. This morning I decided to sneak some pumpkin pie spice into the coffee. I did NOT tell the mister.

      Just seconds ago I hear, "Did you do something different to the coffee?"

      Me, "Ummmm."

      Him, "Every time I go for a drink I smell like I'm downing hot wassail."

      Then I just lost it. Cracked up. Thanks for the recipe. I loved it. The mister actually didn't mind either.

  6. I love your pictures. You are the best. Also, how did I not know that trick either??? Crazy! I have some apple pie spice that I think I need to try.