Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins

Here's a craft for you just in time for your fall decor. Remember me telling you to save the sleeves off of the shirt you used to make the T-shirt scarf? Ok, get that back out now to make a fabric pumpkin. This craft was taught to me by my sister in law last weekend.
 Cut off a sleeve- the longer it is the taller your pumpkin will be. Turn sleeve inside out
Tie rubber bands tightly at each end of the sleeve.
 Cut a slit in the tube for stuffing- it will be less noticeable if you cur it in the sleeve's seam.
 Turn right side out and stuff.
 Use hot glue to shut seam- you could stitch it if you want.
 Finally use a needle and thread- we used embroidery floss- to sew up from the bottom through the middle and around to the top- continue as many times as you want to create the pumpkin segments- you probably want at least 5 segments to your pumpkin.
This is the finished product. The smaller pumpkins are much easier to get the thread through. But if you want a big pumpkin don't let that stop you! It can be done!

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  1. So cute!!!! I miss craft night/afternoons!!

  2. This is rad! No sew always works for me (even if I've got a sewing machine) and the little blue pumpkins are also adorable!