Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Porch Dreaming, or should I say drooling?

porch 1

porch 2
building a craftsman custom home photograph
porch 3
Sleep On It
porch 4

Someday I will have an old beautiful perfect house in the country with a huge deep porch with a swinging bed and cats sleeping on the rails and Hubby will bring me hot cider or coffee in the morning and a quilt and I will read or sleep or play my guitar... wait where was I going with this?

Well anyway as I learn to be happy with what I have and where I am this is my way of creating a porch-ish space at my house:

You probably can't tell because it looks so awesome, but that is my garage door and my driveway, it will work for now!


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  1. I love that shabby white box/end table thing!

    1. thanks- it's a wooden box says something about distilled spirits, 'i git it at a garage sale for a dollar, no holler

  2. You are so fetch! Can I come visit your porch? Also, who is that giant person on your lap?