Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back Shelf Cocktail

Much like its predecessor the top shelf cocktail, the back shelf cocktail is what you make when you crave a refreshing libation but don't have anything and are hence forced to get creative.

The shelf being referred to here is the back of your refrigerator shelf where you scrounge around and find an ancient bottle of margarita mix from Cinco de Mayo circa 2009. You then reach in and find a can of your husband's Busch light- hey we're all on a budget, right?

Put them together and what do you get? Wait for it....

Busch-light-a-rita! Ta-Da! Delicious AND low calorie, it is a win-win folks.

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  1. thanks!I was really happy with how it came out!

  2. A-dorable! Also, is that margarita mix from Cinco de Mayo or Margarita Fajita Fiesta Siesta Del Loco? It matters.