Thursday, November 15, 2012

strong man dumbells DIY

Supplies needed:
black balloons
toilet paper roll
white paint pen or white out
black electrical tape

I made these weights to be Huck's main accessory for his strong man costume, and I totally made it up and was so happy with how it came out! I love it when things come out in real life the way they are in my head! Does that ever happen to you?


Wrap the toilet paper roll with the electrical tape. Blow up 2 balloons to equal sizes. Insert the ties of the balloons into the toilet paper roll and tape on with the electrical tape while you hold it in place. Repeat on the other side. Write desired poundage on with you paint pens. *Be sure not to leave your baby alone with these dumbells- they pop very easily and could be a choking hazard.

I am ever on my quest for the perfect image editing website- mostly for making collages and adding text. I used pixlr for this collage. I like it because it is free, no muss-no fuss, and even though the photos I take are huge it doesn't take long at all for them to upload in comparison to other sites. I still was having trouble saving the finished products as jpegs after adding text... the quest continues I suppose.

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  1. I'm loving your blog!
    I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. Read more about it here:

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    1. Thats so sweet! I love yours too. You have some really great projects I cant wait to try.