Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day

It is snowing!!!

I stay home so a snow day doesn't really mean my day will be any different, but the feel of a snowy day is different. I feel justified to watch movies all day and drink cocoa! I am wearing thick hideous socks- it's wonderful.

I think Dorothy is glad to be inside!

Also I bought some biscoff cookies- have you had these? They are meant for dipping in coffee- they kinda taste like gingersnaps. SO good!

Additionally the day feels like a good craft day, so I think I'll try to finish the stuffed dinosaur I've been trying to make for Bubbs for Christmas.

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Found this printable on pinterest!
Stay Cozy!
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  1. I've never experienced a snow day before...plenty of Hurricane Days, but no snow days...yet. Lol! I found you via the Aloha Friday Blog Hop! Glad I did!


  2. We're having ourselves a snow day over here too. It's also the first day of winter break for me, which makes all the lounging and leggings going on around here even better. I love your pictures.

    I'm new from the blog hop, and I'm excited to be your newest follower! Let's be blog friends?


  3. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I am DYING for a snow day of my own! :)

  4. I'm a new follower from Aloha Friday and I'm really excited to see what all you have to post! I have a Friday hop called Freakin' Friday. I'd love for you to join!


  5. Can't wait to see the dino you are making!