Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wearing Vintage for Date Night

Have I mentioned before that I love searching for my mom's old clothes? Had to climb in the attic for this little number, well worth it, don't you think?
My favorite thing to do lately is to wear skirts higher than they are meant to be. All you need is a belt. This skirt was already pretty high waisted, but I like to do this with stretch knit skirts that are supposed to hang lower- fold them over and then belt them up high with a shirt tucked in.
Try it, you'll like it- another way to expand your wardrobe!

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    1. Why weren't we friends when I was in my mid 20's? I think we could have been BFFs. I don't think I ever actually wore this skirt. I never found a top that I liked with it. Then I thought I needed something of the same type of fabric and I also thought it the shirt needed to button down. Just think: if I HAD found the right top, you'd be wearing it too? Looks really nice, Em. I really like the belt and shoes too.

    2. dang it, I need that imaginary shirt

  3. Following along from the GFC Collective. Hope you will return the favor.