Wednesday, January 9, 2013

breastfeeding woes

While I'm waiting to figure out my photo uploading issue I will tell you my breastfeeding sob story. It seems that my son has not only stopped gaining weight but had lost a little since his last doctor's appointment.

He is exclusively breast fed and is 11 months old today. As some of you may not know this means he only has 1 more month before he can start drinking cow's milk.

The doctor wants him to have 36 oz of milk/day to start gaining again and catch up, which is a lot- but I was determined to skip the formula until I quickly realized that I can't pump that much. :(

So naturally I feel guilty that I haven't been nourishing my child and I feel like a failure that I'm not making enough milk for him right here on the home stretch. It's weird that being a good milk producer is a source of pride for me but it is- maybe it's because I grew up on a dairy farm, HA!

Last night I officially ran out of stored breast milk and he had to have his first bottle of formula. He of course hated it and refused to drink it and just screamed until I nursed him. *twist the knife*

I know I'm being dramatic. This morning I gave him half breast milk that I pumped and half formula and he drank it just fine. So now that I have accepted his need for formula and warmed to the idea I am glad that now I know he is meeting his needs and will start gaining weight again. It really is all about doing what is best for you child and sometimes that is formula.

Disclaimer- I don't mean to say that formula is bad- it is great for people that need it/want to use it, but I wasn't one of those people.

here's to getting over the hump,

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  1. I'm surprised your dr is worried about him losing weight since he is now more active - some babies just do that. Was it a large amount of weight? He's a pretty thick little guy and I can't imagine he isn't getting the nutrients he needs between the breast milk that you do have and him eating regular food too.

    At least you won't have to use formula long. One month until he's one!

    1. no it was 100g- I think that's like 0.1 lbs in a month and a half. He doesn't look skinny, but I want him to have whatever's best. I think I'm only needing to use about 10 oz of formula per day.

  2. I second Ashley, and there is nothing dramatic about BF - it is ALL emotional. Would that we could be cows!! But as I am sure you know it is stressful for them too! Sorry to hear you hit a snag, enjoy the ride...

  3. *hugs* mama. This BF business is hard work! Has he recently started walking (or crawling more?). My son's weight gain slowed down pretty dramatically around the 9-12mth point when he became more active but the dr said that was expected for that age. He also refused formula (and bottles in general), it makes is stressful hey.