Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seeing Double- Mommy and Me

I dressed Huck to match me for church Sunday- silly I know, I wonder how long he will let me do such things. I could wear this shirt everyday- it goes with pretty much everything!

On me: shirt- JC Penny, skirt- F21, boots- thrifted
On Huck: pants- H&M, shirt- hand me down, sweater- thrifted from the Children's Orchard

This was an awful photo shoot- I need to make sure my photographer (Jim) is checking to see if any of them are good. I like Huck's facial expression in the only one where he's actually looking at the camera, it's his Popeye look!

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  1. OHHHHH love it! Super cute combo! I think I like your chambray shirt better!

  2. So cute! I like that you guys match but it's not over the top :) Following along now from the Thumping Thursdays hop!

  3. He doesn't look too impressed in the first photo! LOL. I do this with me and Rory all the time, usually on accident though!

  4. So cute! Both of you!!! That's the great thing about boys, they really don't care what you put them in!!! Especially if you have it laid out and all they have to do is put it on. I can guarantee neither of my boys notice that I dress them alike A LOT. You are doing a great job of getting the most out of dressing a boy cuz there ain't a lot out there. I love seeing what you find!

  5. Of course if it looks scary/evil/gross I usually get a pleased grunt.

  6. My guy and I accidentally wore the same outfit to the park yesterday - grey shirt and bright green pants! I will say that we looked pretty cute.

    Great blog - new follower from Aloha hop!

  7. o my goodness....such sweetness here! Thanks for stopping by from the GFC blog hop, I'm glad I got the chance to meet you!!