Wednesday, March 6, 2013

be bejazzled

 I had a vision of this bejazzled belt buckle a while ago so now that it has come to fruition I am having a craft-gasm. Can I say that? Mom, you don't mind right? As with all of my good ideas after envisioning it I saw one somewhere and felt sad that I am not capable of having an original idea. This bad boy features lots of fun vintage jewelry including a dog and duck from some of my grandpa's old tie clips and cuff links!

I've been working on more of these precious cards. Some of them will join their friends at Talula's and some of them will be for sale at upcoming shows. Next show March 17th at Skate Port in Springfield- it is an Autism benefit called shop and skate. It is from 5-8 pm, $5 to skate, but shopping is free-ish.

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. Cool! Where did you find the vintage jewelry?!

    1. Ive been srashing it back from garage sales and such

  2. LOVE the buckle! LLOOOOOVVVEEEEE that is has some family pieces included!