Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Did we just become best friends....? Yep!"

It's a miracle- Nora actually reached out and tried to play with Huck today! She grabbed his shirt and tried to pull him closer. It was great because normally he wants to play and she screams at the sight of him. I ran to get my camera which is the best way to guarantee that they stop doing whatever it was you wanted to photograph. However, I did capture a fun playtime anyway.

Yes, the pic of Nora with the phone was slightly staged, but it's cute anyway.
Maybe the day I've prayed for where these 2 play together and help keep each other occupied is coming, hooray!
Let's play my favorite game- pull everything off the shelf!
Ps, this chair spins, which is clearly awesome!

What a bunch of love bugs!
Happy Hump Day,
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  1. Oh no -- he's got The Frown.

  2. That is just too much cuteness. I should have came by to play. Too bad I had to go babysit my parents.... alas.

  3. Cute bebes!

    I am actually thinking of buying that elephant I see........the ball throwing one! For a best friend's babe!

    1. he likes it mostly for the music it plays- we can't keep track of the balls

  4. So cute, I love the cloth diaper/t-shirt look! We have to get together so our babies can play!

  5. Lol, cute. They'll grow up to be the best of friends. ;)