Monday, April 8, 2013

Play Date

Last week we went over to my friend Josey's house for a play date. This was Huck's first real play date with a kid his age. It went well other than his strong desire to pull Gibbs' hair. Actually other than that they really weren't that interested in each other. They just wanted to play toys- other people's toys are so much more fun, I still think that's true!

We will have to do it again soon!
My kid is always blurry!

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  1. Super cute! It's so true that playing with others toys (even if they are the same as yours) are way more fun to play with! Hope you guys get to do this more often.

  2. So cute! they look like they are having fun, even if they are still at the playing side by side but not quite together stage :) Playdates are the best!

  3. Cute babies!! We had so much fun, it's so nice to have time with another mama! We'll need to do it again soon!