Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking of a post title is so hard sometimes!

I've been having so many random thoughts and ideas lately, for example:

 I feel like if Jerry Seinfeld were a mom he would have a bit about how sippy cup lids are the socks of plastic dishes. They disappear into thin air! Why is that? Then again maybe he wouldn't because it would bomb, like the Ovaltine bit, but anyhoo...

Guess what?! We are doing a giveaway on Homemade Housewives!

Come like our facebook page and get in on the action!

These are just a few shots from our show last weekend. Originally we were pretty sad that we got stuck in the back alley, but all in all I think it was good for us, plus the brick wall looks cool.

Additionally, I would have to say that the people watching in the alley behind an art gallery is top notch!

It was really windy though, and despite Ashley and Jim telling me not to I wore my shortest dress. I may or may not have had a few wardrobe malfunctions. There were witnesses...

Good times- come to our face book page.... (said in my best hypnosis voice)


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  1. You did look very cute, malfunctions and all :)

  2. Lovely little set up I see! I like how you stage your area!

  3. Awesome set up -- I spot quite a few things I would love in my own house!