Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stylewatch, Spring 2013

The official outfit of the season:

When you look this good in a diaper, why would you ever wear clothes? He looks so much like Jim in that top picture!


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  1. I agree!! Everyone always rode me about Rory not wearing anything but her cloth diaper and all I could say to them was, "Well, if you were allowed to run around in just your underwear I'm sure you would". They are babies and it's getting warmer out! Let them enjoy while they can. Plus, less clothes for us mommies to wash! :)

  2. Totally looks like he's striking a pose in that top photo!!!

  3. "He looks so much like Jim in that top picture!" Which begs the question, does Jim run around in a diaper?

    Also, that bottom one with the lip...hilarious!! But it needs a crashing wave in the background to complete the effect.