Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend of Hats

It was a good weekend for hats in our house. We spent Saturday at our friend's daughter's 3rd birthday party, and picked up this little cowboy hat at a garage sale for a quarter. That little ginger needs a straw hat anyway or he'll fry up like a piece of bacon. In other news I made a large Etsy sale to a lady who is a buyer for some boutiques in Arizona yesterday and I'm super excited- she bought almost all of my wine stoppers and 20 pairs of button earrings. Quite a blessing! 

that's all I know for now, hope your day is stellar!
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  1. Congrats on the sale!! That's awesome news. :)

    Gabe is really looking like Jim these days too, but I'm sure you knew that one already ;)

  2. I cannot handle how cute he is. Cannot do it.

  3. Whooooa! Congrats! That's crazy exciting!